Available Australian Visas
There are many Australian visas available for overseas people wishing to visit or stay in Australia:
General Skilled Migration VisasSkilled Worker Migration:
To qualify for skilled migration you are assessed on a points system. You earn points through critical factors such as your age, work experience, qualifications and English language ability. Additional points may be added to your score if you have studied or worked in Australia previously. There are State Migration Plans that offer sponsored visas to fill skill shortages in relevant states or territories. If you are currently sponsored by an Australian employer, on a working holiday, on an Australian student visa, or are a New Zealander in Australia, you may qualify for a skilled visa.
Business and Investor VisasEmployer Sponsors:
Applicants for employer sponsored visas seeking to work for an Australian or overseas employer must be sponsored by an employer.    We will work with your candidate and you to ensure a smooth process in obtaining an employer sponsored visa for your potential employee.
Immigrate to AustraliaBusiness Innovation/Investment Visas:
Business owners and investors can apply for a business innovation or investor visa under the Business Innovation and Investment visa streams.  This visa is a two step process, with the issue of a provisional visa for four years.  There are also the Significant Investor and Premium Investor visas. Subject to meeting certain criteria you may be eligible to apply for a residence visa.
You can also apply for a business visit visa for short term business stays.
Australian CitizenOther Visas:
You can talk to ACCESS MIGRATION about student visas, tourist visas, working holiday visas, retirement visas, parent visas, child visas or medical treatment visas.
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